11 April 2014

Kickstarter Project ZUtA microprinter

The Israeli startup is looking to make a printer that can print from a phone on any size paper.


Most coffee shops are filled with people working on their laptops, researching, browsing the web or typing up documents. But of course, none of these people bring a printer with them in case they need a hardcopy of something. Carrying around a printer seems a bit ridiculous, but not if the printer was the size of your fist.

Jerusalem-based ZUtA Labs is looking to make bringing your printer to the coffee shop just as easy, if not easier, than bringing your laptop. The company has created a pocket-sized printer that can print from a phone on any size paper. Their printer basically is an inkjet that is connected on a robot that can travel across a page.

“We believe in this product and believe in our ability to change the world in an innovative way, but yet, keep the idea simple,” ZUtA Labs’ founder Tuvia Elbaum told Geektime. “We called ourselves ZUtA Labs, since we have several more ideas in the pipeline besides the printer.”


Bring the idea into your pockets

On Thursday, April 10, ZUtA launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking to raise $400,000 to make their product a reality. Right now, ZUtA has a raw prototype of the robot that drives the printer and a psychical design of the cover. The money from the campaign will go to ordering custom parts that will minimize the printer’s size and create the design for manufacturing prototype, Elbaum told Geektime. Kickstarter supporters who pledge $200 will receive a titanium white printer, while those who pledge $180 will receive the black version. Smaller backers will receive a t-shirt or just a big thank you.

ZUtA Labs was started as a project by Elbaum and Matan Caspi at the Jerusalem College of Technology in March 2013. The idea was then accepted to the Friedberg Entrepreneurship Program and received initial funding from the school. The team then built its proof of concept and a minimal-functional prototype. The initial prototype works, and the team is now working on a complete prototype that will be the base for production of the product.

Elbaum and Caspi have since been joined by designer Yonni Stein, engineers Leon Rosengarten and Gilad Schnurmacher and Jack Gottesman, who does the social media and marketing.

The printer has a USB connection for battery charging (the battery lasts about an hour) and its inkjet lasts for at least 1,000 pages, in grayscale for the first version. ZUtA Labs expects to get its first version out to supporters in January. Supporters have until May 10 make a donation and get their own ZUtA Labs printer.

Video: Kickstarter campaign

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