29 April 2014

Apple granted patent for an iWatch-style device

Apple iwatch style device patent
Rumours continue to swirl concerning Apple's iWatch (or iBand, or whatever it ends up being called), but this patent is the closest we've had to confirmation.

The patent relates to a "wrist-watch device", though it could also be a laptop, tablet, pendant device, headphone, earpiece, telephone, media player, or "other wearable or miniature device". So it sounds like Apple is hedging its bets.

It certainly looks like a watch face to us, so maybe Apple is just keeping the description vague to throw us off the scent.

It doesn't get specific in terms of specs either. It mentions a load of possibilities including a camera, a curved screen, light sensors but doesn't confirm anything for definite.

It doesn't even say whether the device will have a touchscreen.

But then this is a concept design patent, rather than a design patent. Which means the design could be completely different for the final product. If it ever goes on sale, that is.

In other words, a lot of details are still up in the air. But this is the closest Apple has come to laying its cards on the table.

Rumours abound that Nike will partner with Apple to make the software for the iWatch, or iBand. Nike's CEO recently told CNBC that the partnership between the two companies would continue.

Source: Patently Apple


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