01 March 2014

LuMini: A Smart Bulb That Colors Your Moods

LuMini Smart Bulb
If you are familiar with Lumen, a smart light bulb that comes in white and color LED, then you may also be familiar with its sibling LuMini. This smart bulb, which is a smaller version of the original Lumen, is a smart mood light that is fun and cost-effective. It really takes mood lighting to another level with the companion mobile app, which lets you control the light instantly. Plus, you can enable 8 different modes such as relaxation mode, wake up mode and party mode.

With the relaxation mode, the light will create the perfect ambience to help you fall asleep easier. With the wake up mode, the light will mimic the sunrise and help you to wake up more naturally. The proximity and call alert modes are also impressive. You can see LuMini’s party and music sync modes live in the below video.

With over 1 million different colors to choose from via the mobile app, LuMini is definitely the ultimate smart mood bulb. Plus, it’s long-lasting and environmental friendly. What more can you ask for?

LuMini: A Smart Bulb That Fits Your Lamps and Budget | Kickstarter


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