12 March 2014

Add Scan with Windows Defender to the File Context Menu in Windows 8

As we all know, Windows Defender is the built-in Anti-Virus software in Windows 8, and it works well protecting our Windows 8 system un-attacked, thanks to its effective engine, which is the same as Microsoft Security Essentials.

One thing that is missing in Windows Defender though is that it doesn’t have a context menu entry that lets you easily scan a particular file or folder to see if they are clean. Well, it’s missing until now, thanks to All-in-One Script Framework for sharing a PowerShell script that adds Scan with Microsoft Defender feature to the file context menu so that you can easily scan files or folders directly in your File Explorer in Windows 8.

However, while the script works beautifully, it does have a bug that will fail on those files or folders containing spaces. So instead of going to their page and download the script, you can download this copy directly here that fixed this bug.

After you extract the content from the zip file, right-click the PS1 file, and Run with PowerShell.

Right click and run with PowerShell

You may get the security warning asking how do you want to run the script. Choose R for Run Once, and the context entry will be added momentarily.

Adding Windows Defender to Context Menu

Now, right-click any file or folder, and you will see the Scan with Windows Defender option available in your context menu.

Windows Defender added into Context Menu

Ok, time to try scanning one file or folder and see how it actually works.

Scan folder in Windows Defender

It works like a charm.


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