01 March 2014

How to Modify Scanned Files Using a PDF Converter

Pdf Converter
The modern office is moving from an actual physical location to any place where a person can bring their computer. Busy working men and women can often be seen in a café or a park performing important daily tasks on their laptops. Most people like this flexibility and heightened productivity that computers and the Internet have brought to business.

Another major advantage of the new technology is the opportunity to tidy up our messy paperwork and create a more sustainable working environment using electronic documents and their e-distribution.

Many industries are massively scanning their documentations for the above-mentioned reasons. There is no need to store huge paper archives in big, dusty spaces when we have computers. Hospitals, universities, public sectors and corporate offices are working towards decreasing the amount of actual papers in their archives and digitizing all documentation.

Many tech devices and smooth software tools are required for the creation of an efficient “paperless” working environment. Two main things that come to mind are scanners and software that converts scanned documents into editable files. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that allows conversion from scanned into editable documents is included in several advanced PDF conversion software today, one example being the multifunctional Able2Extract PDF Converter Professional.

Designed by Investintech.com, Able2Extract packs several important features for a well-functioning office. It allows users to convert native or scanned PDFs into all widely used editable formats: MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, HTML, AutoCAD, Images and OpenOffice.

Since Able2Extract is a cross-platform tool for all major platforms, Windows, Mac and Linux, it eliminates the file compatibility issues that many people have when sharing files with users with different operating systems.

Don’t let the word “Professional” in the tool’s title fool you; Able2Extract Professional is very easy to use, whether you’re an amateur or savvy tech user. The software’s sleek interface is so straightforward, the only thing to do is click on appropriate buttons.

For example, if a doctor wants to modify a patient’s scanned medical record, they can convert it into an editable Word document in the following way:

Able2Extract open

Open the PDF file.

How to Modify Scanned Files Using a PDF Converter

Select All of the file or only a required Area.

pdf converter save to word

Click on Word.

Able2Extract save

Save the editable medical record into a desired location on the computer.

Download Able2Extract software and play.

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