14 February 2014

Wireless Display Your Computer Screen on Your TV Using AIRTAME

Wireless Display Your Computer Screen on Your TV Using AIRTAME
When you want stream or mirror what’s on your computer to your TV screen or a projector, how do you go about doing that? There are quite a few options available, but in most cases they’re either overly complicated, involve too many cables or are too limited.

You may be familiar with the Airplay Mirroring feature from Apple that only works with their products (Mac and Apple TV). There’s also Google’s Chromecast, which is very similar to the product in the video below, but can only stream content from Chrome’s web browser to your TV. Another popular method is to use a HDMI cable, but if you already have a lot of cables hooked to your TV, who really wants to add another?

A more intuitive option that is worth a look is a new device called AIRTAME. It’s a HDMI dongle that can wirelessly display your computer screen on your TV as well as to a project or other computer monitors. One of the great things about it is that it works with Windows, Mac and Linux computers – similar products usually only work with Windows or Mac.

If you hate cables and restrictions, you’re sure to love AIRTAME. What about streaming from your computer to multiple computers at one time? Do you think that AIRTAME can do that as well? You’ll have to watch the video to find out that and see some of its other features. If you find AIRTAME useful be sure to share this fairly new, yet already fully fundedIndiegogo project with others who may enjoy it as well.


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