16 February 2014

How technology is the future of health

technology is the future of health
“Technology is becoming less an extension of oneself and more a part of oneself.”

So, good news; those slightly dystopian, techy bracelets that appear in numerous Sci-Fi movies are finally becoming a reality! Thankfully, they’re built more to track your workouts rather than your whereabouts. Available from LG, Song, Fitbit and Garmin these bracelets are becoming the future of health.

But wearable tech isn’t limited to your wrist. There are also clips such as the Lumo Lift, which clips to your clothing and sends suggestions on how you can improve your workout to your phone.

Health-based tech is also continuing to become part of our bodies, rather than removable accessories. There’s a swallowable implant just on the horizon that will collect information about your body from within.

Do you support these sorts of technological advancements? Would you be up for swallowing an implant if it could improve your health?


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