11 January 2014

The world’s smallest cell phone charger is here

The Devotec Fuel Micro Charger, or simply Fuel for short, is currently the world’s smallest cell phone charger thanks to Kickstarter. The project received close to 4k backers and $60k+ over it’s goal. If you own a mobile phone, you may not always have access to your standard charger, especially in emergency situations. This is where Fuel can come in and saves the day. Since it’s just a little bigger than a quarter, it can fit easily into your pocket, purse or anywhere else, so you’re never without a phone charger.

The video shows shows you all about this new tiny piece of technology. At the 2:04 mark you’ll see that the charger has 3 useful LED lights so you’ll know if Fuel is on, charging or fully charged. You’ll also see that it has an on/off switch, which is very handy since it helps to reserve the charger’s battery power when not in use.

Fuel will work with nearly every cell phone. Be sure to watch through the entire video to learn about the type of battery used, how to recharge it and how many cycles it will last. If Fuel is something that you can’t wait to have in your pocket, be sure to share the video to help spread the word.

Fuel | Devotec

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