10 January 2014

Never forget a password again! PasswordBox

Are you tired of passwords? Whoever uses a PC, Mac, or any other tech device is tired of having to remember so many different passwords. Of course, there are ways to retrieve password again if you forget them, but wouldn’t it be more convenient if we never had to deal with it again? This is where PasswordBox comes in handy!

It saves your time with one-click login and ensures that you don’t need to memorize any more passwords. It’s the world’s first digital life manager which securely stores, retrieves and shares passwords and other personal data anytime, anywhere, on any device.

You will ever lose a password again with PasswordBox. Enjoy 1-Tap Login, secure sharing, password generator, Legacy Locker and digital wallet. PasswordBox makes sure that your passwords will be there wherever and whenever you need them.

Head on over to the official website of PasswordBox to know more about it or download it.

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