09 January 2014

Block site: Don’t let anyone visit websites you don’t want them to visit without letting them know

Browsing websites is one of the inseparable parts of our lives. In fact, browsing is what you are doing right now as you are perusing this article.

But there are quite a few websites you’d want to avoid. Similarly, you wouldn’t want your kids to browse adult or gory websites. What if there could be something to prevent them from accessing these websites without even letting them know? Yes, it’s possible with Block site, a Google Chrome extension, now.

It automatically blocks websites of your choice and set a forward website for it. For instance, if you want to block Thepiratebay, you can set a forward website or it which will be accessed every time someone tries to visit Thepiratebay. It’s a convenient tool to keep you and your family away from websites you don’t need.

To know more about it or download it, head on to the Chrome Webs Store page.

Source - Block Site

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