01 January 2014

60 Google Now Commands You Need To Know

Nexus 5 finally came out last October 31! I know, that’s a month ago but just in case you got so busy and did not hear the news, I got to confirm it here it’s out. In addition to the great news, you can now enjoy Google’s wonderful personal assistant Google Now. It’s compatible with Nexus 5. (Like you need telling!)

Four weeks ago, reports stated that Google Now will be available for the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Nexus 4, 7, and 10, and HTC One Google Play edition in a matter of weeks; so now, I assume Google Now is available for all the devices mentioned above. Also, lots of people (including the guy writing this) don’t need to be patient and wait any longer. We can all enjoy it now.

Just what is so special about Google Now? For one, you can trigger its voice commands even without touching your gadget. Just casually say two words “Okay Google” and you’re all set. Now for the rest of the 60 commands, here’s your guide. It’s a graphic produced by trendblog.net.

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