25 December 2013

Samsung “Galaxy Band” fitness tracker rumored to debut Feb. 2014

Samsung may be developing a new wearable fitness tracker. The so-called "Galaxy Band" would likely be an update to the seemingly discontinued S-Band, the screen-less, wrist-mounted tracker for pairing with a Galaxy S 4. The Galaxy Band would add a screen along with an array of other fitness- and health-oriented tracking features.

The rumor dropped last week on Korea's Digital News Daily. Anonymous sources told the publication the Galaxy Band will be oriented towards health care. Digital Trends suggests this could indicate a fuller integration with S Health, an app made for the S 4.

The Galaxy Band would likely run on Android. Like the S-Band (see hero image above), it would use a standard motion tracking sensor array for tracking steps, pace, and so on. It would compute calories, atmospheric conditions, and location via GPS. It would connect to a mobile device -- either just Samsung products or all Android-depended products -- via low-power Bluetooth. Finally, the DDN report says it could feature voice activation and controls.

The device, if DDN's anonymous sources are correct, will likely be revealed at Mobile World Congress Feb. 24-27, 2014 at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain. We'll be keeping an eye on this. Tune in to our wearables portal for updates.

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