17 December 2013

How to stay away from tracking me on web using Epic Brower

Would you trust your neighbor with your browsing history? No, you won’t! So why let your private data leak online?. Over 80% of websites use some sort of tracking tools such as Flash cookies, fingerprinting, IP address and more. You are being used as a product waiting to be sold to advertisers.

As a matter of fact, over 80% of website that you visit daily track your activities. Do you know that visiting the top 50 websites in the wold would leave you reeling with more than 3,000 tracking files on your PC? They know where you are, what you are doing and most importantly, what you are probably going to do next.

This is where Epic Browser comes in handy. It inhibits anyone to stalk what you do online by providing you with a browser of its own which consists built in protection from tracking scripts that follow you everywhere. It actively blocks all the trackers which is tracking you. You can download the Epic Browser or choose to peruse more about it before you use it by hitting the link down below.

Download - Epic Browser


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