29 December 2013

How to make UEFI Bootable USB Flash drive to install Windows 8.1

Rufus is a small utility that creates bootable USB flash drive for all Windows versions. What makes Rufus different is that it offers 3 different partition scheme to target the system type, such as those UEFI based computers. You can make a bootable drive that can directly boot off on a UEFI computer without turning the Secure Boot off. It’s free and portable.

To make a UEFI bootable USB drive for GPT Harddisk,

1. Plug in your USB flash drive, of course.

2. Launch the program. Since it’s portable, you can simply just download and run it.

3. Check the option “Create a bootable disk using: ISO Image“, and click the icon next to it to pick up the ISO image file.

4. Select “GPT partition scheme for UEFI computer“.

Before you click Start button, check to make sure the settings are selected to similar like Figure below.

Rufus settings

5. Click Start, and sit back.

That’s it.

Hopefully it will help you out this UEFI, GPT mystery.

Source: Crounji

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