15 December 2013

Folx - The best downloader for Mac

If you are using Windows Operating System, there is certainly no dearth of Downlaoders available that can assist you in sorting and downloading with ease. While Mac has a fair share of Downlaoders like YTD and others, they are not as good as some of the Windows’ software.

Folx, a Downloader to assist you in managing and sorting your downloads better, is here to fill that void. With a true Mac-style interface, convenient way to manage downloads and a unique system to keep them sorted and stored for quick access, it is a really handy software to make the task of downloading, storing, sorting and accessing he downloaded files easier.

Moreover, It optimizes your download speed by splitting the download in up to ten threads. If you want, you can manually configure the download speed or let Folx manage everything. Folx can also be used to schedule your downloads and once the files are downloaded, you can choose to make it play automatically or shut down the system making the whole process more automated and less wrangled.

Source - Folx Download Manager


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