26 December 2013

LG to launch G Arch smartwatch, G Health wristband at MWC 2014

It seems like everyone is rushing to get its own smartwatch onto the market. Samsung has its Galaxy Gear that is compatible with certain Android devices. Sony has its own smartwatch, and there are a number of others on the market such as the Pebble smartwatch.

A new rumor is circulating that LG is set to launch a new smartwatch and health wristband. The rumor claims that the smartwatch will be called the G Arch and the fitness/health tracking wristband will be called the G Health.

The rumor claims that the wearables will be launched at Mobile World Congress 2014. There is no indication of what tech the devices will use inside.

The rumor tips that the G Arch will work with an LG phone. It's unclear if the watch will work with only one phone or if all Android devices will be compatible. The G Health is expected to be very similar to the Nike Fuel Band. MWC 2014 will kick off in February and if the rumor holds true, more details will be offered then.



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