18 November 2013

Sony Xperia Z1s spied lounging around in the wild next to Xperia Z1

Less than a week after an entry for the Sony Xperia Z1s made a brief appearance on Sony’s own website, we’re getting a peek at what may be the device itself. A photo posted to Chinese forum Digi-Wo claims to show the Xperia Z1s lounging around in the wild next to its full-size Xperia Z1 sibling. The two handsets look fairly similar, with both sporting the OmniBalance design that Sony’s used on several of its recent flagship handsets, though obviously the Z1s and its 4.3-inch display are a tad smaller than the Z1 and its 5-inch screen.

We’ve seen quite a few miniaturized versions of flagship smartphones recently, including the Samsung’s Galaxy S III mini and Galaxy S4 mini as well as HTC’s One mini. We’ll have to wait until Sony makes the Xperia Z1s official before we know exactly what makes it tick, but it’s good to see that the company is getting in on the mini smartphone trend so that fans of Sony hardware and software have a shrunken flagship to call their own.

Sony had previously listed the phone on its website but later took it down as camera samples of the Xperia Z1S were leaked to the web.

The Xperia Z1S, like the other Xperia Z phones, is water-resistant and dust-proof.



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