17 November 2013

NVIDIA makes the Tegra Note tablet official, comes out November 19

The tablet market is saturated with cheap tablets as the budget market has exploded, thanks to devices like the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire. But most of these tablets make huge sacrifices to bring down the price because, unlike Google and its Nexus line, other manufacturers have to make money. However, there is a new competitor and it packs a pretty serious punch.

NVIDIA has officially announced the new Tegra Note, its new Tegra 4 wielding budget tablet. At just $199.99, it undercuts even the Nexus 7 2013 in price. And with a powerful Tegra 4 processor, it’s not some budget slouch. It also features dual front facing speakers that perform quite well, a built in stylus with NVIDIA’s DirectStylus technology, and a 5MP camera with an always on HDR mode coming in the December update. And of course, you get pure stock Android

Unfortunately, the 7-inch screen is only 1280×800, but it is a byproduct of having to skimp on specs. It also boosts performance in games, if you’re looking for a bright side. The device also has 1GB of RAM, a bit low by today’s standards.

The tablet comes out November 19th for only $199.99, so check out their site and retailers like Newegg for more info. And tell us what you think of this tablet!



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