10 November 2013

Google Glass Prescription Lenses Coming in January

Image: Flickr

Despite having its fair share of skeptics, Google Glass continues to accrue enhancements that could make it a mainstream hit when it officially debuts next year. The latest is from New York-based company Rochester Optical, which promises to release a special prescription lens add-on for the device in early 2014 (image above is not of the unreleased product).

Rochester Optical announced on Wednesday that Tim Moore, one of the early Glass Explorers, will join its prescription-lens project.

“We’ll be ready to start selling these to the public, at the latest, by January,” Moore told.

The Google Glass-ready prescription lenses will be priced in the same range as standard prescription lenses, according to Moore. Customers will be able to visit a website where they can choose a matching color for their existing device, and enter their prescription information. Lenses will then be shipped to them within two business days.

“The arm mount will fit Google Glass perfectly, and it will be available in a number of colors that will match Glass colors,” Moore said.

While the Rochester Optical's 2014 launch might hint at some knowledge of Google release plans, Moore quickly clarified that Google is not involved in the project in any way.

With a history of eyeglass development spanning 80 years, Rochester Optical’s plunge into the future of eyewear offers yet another indication that established players are finally taking wearable technology seriously. The only question, now, is whether mainstream consumers are just as ready to embrace wearable computing in the same way.

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