10 September 2013

Microsoft To Slash Lumia Prices In India, The Next Big Market For Smartphones

Bangalore: Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Nokia’s mobile business has spelled good news for India. The software giant is to cut Lumia prices in the country, possibly altering the dynamics of the fast-growing Smartphone segment in the world. The decision may also put the leading brands like Samsung, Micromax and others in the tight spot, reports Economic Times.

The deal will empower Microsoft to become a hardware-software-services player, which the company trying hard to get to. It will also help the company to take on its aggressive global and local rivals, say analysts and industry executives.  They added that only 10 percent of 870 million mobile users use Smartphones in India, so it could be the key market for Redmond based company.  

There are some speculations from the analysts that Microsoft may focus exclusively on Smartphones, and exit the feature phone segment all together, which currently accounts for more than 90 percent of India's handsets.

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