10 August 2013

WhatsApp gets another rapid update on Windows Phone; improves upon Voice Messaging

What’s another Friday without an update from WhatsApp? (Seriously, the last four updates were all on a Friday, crazy, eh?) The famous messaging service used to see monthly updates but now it seems to be on the Facebook-fast track, getting an update per week. We’re okay with that and we’re sure you are too as the service has steadily grown into a reliable and fantastic messaging app for Windows Phone.

Earlier this week, WhatsApp turned on their Voice Messaging service on all platforms, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. It was a slick move by the company and was seen as a largely successful move to fight off the likes of Voxer and other competitors.

Now, version 2.11.40 is live in the Store and it brings some “Voice Messaging improvements”, which is kind of vague yet also revealing. Clearly that new feature will need a couple of tweaks here and there and that’s what this update brings.

Overall, WhatsApp’s Voice Messaging is a pretty great feature to get tacked on for free. Are you folks using it? Let us know in comments.

Otherwise, grab your WhatsApp version 2.11.40 update here in the Store right now to get your weekend started! All Windows Phones.

Via: WindowsPhoneApps.es



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