14 August 2013

Distribution Release: Puppy Linux 5.6 "Slacko"

Puppy Linux 5.6 "Slacko" edition, a small and fast distribution built from and compatible with Slackware's binary packages, has been released: "This is an improved version of the successful Slacko 5.5. The biggest enhancement in this version is full support of the f2fs filesystem. Slacko 5.6 has many improvements due to the heavy development of the Woof build system and the many bugfixes to the Slacko base packages (independent from Woof). Lots of packages have been updated for the 5.6 series including but not limited to the following: improved SFS Manager, Updates Manager, improved graphics support, updated ffmpeg-2.0 and supporting programs including Pmusic and Mplayer, Abiword-2.9.4 and geany-1.23.1, Sylpheed-3.3.0, Firefox ESR, plus many other updated programs. Slacko 5.6 is available with a choice of kernels, 3.4.52 (with f2fs patch) compiled for processors that do not support PAE, and 3.10.5 for processors that do." Read the whole release announcement and find more on the homepage of Slacko Puppy. Download: slacko-5.6-4G-NON-PAE.iso (164MB, MD5), slacko-5.6-PAE.iso (165MB, MD5).

About Puppy Linux  

Puppy Linux is yet another Linux distribution. What's different here is that Puppy is extraordinarily small, yet quite full-featured. Puppy boots into a ramdisk and, unlike live CD distributions that have to keep pulling stuff off the CD, it loads into RAM. This means that all applications start in the blink of an eye and respond to user input instantly. Puppy Linux has the ability to boot off a flash card or any USB memory device, CDROM, Zip disk or LS/120/240 Superdisk, floppy disks, internal hard drive. It can even use a multisession formatted CD-RW/DVD-RW to save everything back to the CD/DVD with no hard drive required at all.

Puppy Linux Summary

Home Page               http://www.puppylinux.com/
User Forums             http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy
Documentation         http://puppylinux.org/wikka/
Screenshots               The Coding Studio
Download Mirrors    http://www.puppylinux.com/download


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