17 July 2013

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcut [Updated] 2013

Some of the Windows 8 Keyboard shortcut keys are discussed in my previous post. Here are some new updates and more shortcut including Windows 8 Gestures controls. If you want to be more productive when using Windows 8 then you can use these keyboard shortcuts of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 shortcuts instead of mousing around. Use out the following tables for keyboard shortcuts, and you’ll save miles of mouse movements, and plenty of time as well.

 Windows 8 is the first Microsoft operating system designed from the ground up to run using a touchscreen with a feature called multitouch, Obviously, this feature is mostly intended for tablets, but you’ll find plenty of desktops and laptops with touchscreens as well. But touchscreen gestures aren’t always intuitive, and there are some you may not know about. So use the following table of touchscreen gestures to get up close and personal with your Windows 8 device.

Note: Not all of these gestures work in all places and apps on Windows 8, so you may need to test some. Typically, they don’t work on Desktop apps.


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