21 July 2013

Google Play Store serves up more than 50 billion downloads

When Android was first released, application downloads did not look promising. One major reason was poor app selection; you can’t download something that isn’t there. As app available grew on Android, so did total downloads. Still, iOS outclassed Android by far when it came to app downloads, especially with such a strong head start.

Overtime, the app catalog expanded exponentially. And as Android improved, so did the quality of the apps available on the platform. The hideous Gingerbread apps of yesteryear were replaced by apps decked out in the gorgeous Holo look and feel. This all contributed to accelerating app downloads. Back at Google I/O 2013, Google announced that the Play Store had reached 48 billion downloads. And now, a few short months later, Google reports that number is at a whopping 50 billion!

The Apple App Store reached 50 billion downloads only a few months ago, so Android is hot on the heels of iOS. With 1.5 million Android device activations per day, it’s likely that Android will overtake iOS at the next major milestone. When do you think we’ll see 60 billion?

Source: Android Community


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