26 July 2013

10 Tips and free Apps to save Smartphone Battery Life

With our ever-increasing dependence on smartphones, even behemoth batteries are proving minuscule under challenging conditions.So, it's time to look out for ways to save battery power and enhance its performance.
There are some simple ways which can save a significant chunk of your Smartphone's battery life :
1. Turn WiFi off :  A very common mistake is to forget to switch off your phone's WiFi even when not in use.
2. Turn GPS off : A number of apps particularly those used for navigation like maps uses GPS. So, we need to be extra careful as GPS heavily drains out battery.
3. Turn Bluetooth off : Most phones support Auto turn-off of Bluetooth after sharing of files.Using it mitigates the chances of forgetting to turn off Bluetooth after use.
4. Minimize Display Brightness : In the display settings the phones Display Brightness can be adjusted to an optimal level.
5. Screen timeout : In the display settings, Screen Timeout could be adjusted to a comfortable level say 30 seconds.
6. Network mode : The network mode can be set to 2G or GSM mode when the phone is not being used for data or video calling. 3G/WCDMA mode eats up a significant chunk of power.
7. Packet data settings : It is advisable to disable Packet Data  when not using internet on your phone by navigating to Mobile network settings.
8. Service provider with good coverage and signal : Try to choose a Service provider with good coverage and stable signal strength.Good signal strength eases out the stress on your phone's transceivers (radio transmitter and receiver) and it actually radiates less power to communicate with the service provider's Signal Towers (BTS) which is good for both your phone's battery as well as your health !
9. Background services and Apps : Try to keep a tab on background services or apps you are no longer  using but are eating up your phone's storage, RAM and battery.Identify and uninstall them.
10. Turn off Vibration : Vibration mode might be convenient while on the move or while in a meeting, but it also sucks more out of the battery.
Apps :  There are a range of free apps on various mobile platforms, off which am listing  few popular ones :-

  • Easy Battery Saver (Android) : Easy to use ; comes with presets like, General Saving mode, Intelligent Saving mode, Super Power saving mode, Advanced Customised mode to suite different moods and work conditions to save a lot of battery power.
  • Battery Doctor (Android and iOS ) : Comes up with automatic adjustments, handy power saving tips, logs and recommendations, app monitoring and more.
  • Battery + (Windows Phone ) : A beautiful, easy-to-use app that comes up with notifications, suggestions, statistics and quick access shortcuts to prolong battery life.


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